Update 0.90

Version 0.90 adds many new features, more content, animations, many more levels, a new stage and more to ARKFRONT.


  • Added voice-overs for powerups and major events like moving between stages.
  • Added a final cinematic to the game to tie it all together.
  • Created a new category of level for the campaign.
  • 17 new levels added to the campaign. Now 113 total levels!
  • Added an entire additional stage to the campaign, significantly increasing play times.
  • New boss firing patterns. Added in multiple strategies to make this more random and interesting.
  • Ice economy: collect ice and trade it to Outposts for additional gold. Use it or lose it!

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Fixed a longstanding crash in the campaign where selecting certain levels in the campaign could lead to a crash.
  • Reduced repetitive dialogue.
  • Removed full screen tutorials as they were too disruptive to play.
  • Added even more screen shake and juice.
  • Improved the tutorial by adding an arrow pointing towards the first outposts docking bay.
  • Fixed the way dialogue is handled at the beginning of each stage to correct for the intro animation.
  • Improved the balance of several levels in Stage 2.
  • Cleaned up the codebase to make long-term management easier.
  • Incremented version number to 0.90 – Almost beta.

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