Update 0.79

Version 0.79 adds new features, enemies, and other improvements to the ARKFRONT experience.


  • New boss ship – Eidolon: The final boss of the game is in, and multiple phases for the fight are now under development. You can see it in action below.
  • Multiple new NPC encounters have been added to the game along with 3 more levels.
  • New animations have been added to support the final boss fight.
  • Bosses now have more dynamic fight patterns generally speaking, including new bullet firing animations.

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Boss HP has been significantly increased.
  • Final boss encounter has been redesigned to support for more bullet types.
  • Bullets now support control to set direction other than straight.
  • NPCs are now improved to use less code and be more modular.
  • Turrets and other attachments to enemies now respond properly to getting hit with High-Explosive rounds or missiles super power.
  • Fixed a number of crashes and undefined behavior.

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