Update 0.76

Version 0.76 adds new features and improvements to the ARKFRONT experience.


  • Added a new asteroid type: Mounted Turrets! Battle your way through asteroids with turrets mounted on their sides, powerful new, later game threats to encounter and dispatch.
  • Added a new intro animation to the campaign, adding a greater sense of motion.
  • Added a total of 10 more levels to the campaign.
  • Now possible to collide with enemies, destroying them, and injuring yourself. Damage is now set at 1/3 the enemies remaining health when you hit them.
  • Added a number of new screen space effects. Check out the gif below!
Shiny new screen space effects come to ARKFRONT in version 0.76. Get a greater feel of the damage you take when hitting an enemy or get poisoned.

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Added electrical arc sound effects when asteroids hit lasers at outposts.
  • Added more sound effect triggers to destruction of enemies and asteroids.
  • Improved the new intro animation to reduce the amount of times it triggers in a row, no longer triggering when arriving at an outpost.
  • Added a new enemy squadron type.
  • Made some levels longer in stage 1, reducing the downtime between attempts.
  • Now triggering screen shake more aggressively.
  • Fixed the positioning of NPCs at the outposts to reduce accidental encounters upon exit.
  • Reduced the size of level data on disk.

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