Update 0.71

Version 0.71 adds new features and improvements to ARKFRONT.


  • Added another explosion effect for golden asteroids.
  • Added side to side camera sway.
  • Added five more levels to the campaign for a total of 85.
  • Made level 1 in stage 5 longer.
  • Made level 1 in stage 1 longer.
  • Expanded outpost system with new dialog.
  • Began use of SmearFX to add motion blur to some of the powerups and add a sense of additional motion to the combat.
  • Now asteroids dynamically spawn at outposts, and are destroyed when hitting obstacles and lasers.

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Improved the presentation of background artwork to better utilize layering. Now no longer off center. Star layer is now parallax with the action on screen, adding a great sense of motion.
  • Improved the Countdown timer display, now displays time remaining in even seconds and minutes. Also now displays the time that the player has survived along with a high score that is posted to GameCenter.
  • Fixed a number of draw depth problems.
  • Populations at outposts now use K instead of full numbers.
  • The pause button now shares the overlay with the population count, and has been moved. No longer bugs underneath the other.
  • Fixed a number of balance problems, mostly making the game slightly more difficult.
  • Improved a number of things related to the journal system.
  • Incremented version number to 0.71

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